Pinterest: The new look, web analytics and more.

By Marissa Buie

Red push pin.Pinterest is rolling out a new look, and along with it some cool new tools to track how effective your pinning really is. While Pinterest’s sleek design is becoming even sleeker, they’ve also added some toys to make it more enticing for marketers, including their very own web analytics tools. Social Media Examiner provides us with an in-depth article about some of the big changes you can expect to see including:

Larger Pins, now displaying at 735 pixels wide (up from 600)
Categories section has been moved from the middle to the upper left hand corner
Comment button has been removed, you now comment by clicking the pin and it will expand to reveal a comment box
More options when you expand pins, from sharing on other social media sites to seeing similar pins
Settings method has changed and is now divided by Account settings and Profile settings

Not everyone can change over to the new look yet, especially in personal accounts. However, as a business, if you have verified the website attached to your account, you should be able to switch. By doing the verification step and switching to the new look, you can also take advantage of the new web analytics tool. If you are a big Pinterest user–or want to be–the web analytics tool Pinterest now offers can be hugely helpful.

Pinterest’s new web analytics.

Here is a sample of what information this useful (and free!) tool can gather for you and your company (list courtesy of Social Media Examiner):

1. The number of everyday pins and pinners from your website

2. The number of everyday repins and repinners

3. The total number of times your pins have appeared on the site and the number of times they were seen

4. The number of clicks and website visitors

5. The most recent pins from your site

6. The most repinned and the most-clicked pins

7. You can also download all of this data

This information can assist you in determining if your Pinterest efforts are reaching a wide audience, or if you need to up your attempts to gain more influence over potential consumers. Author Mitt Ray, writing for Social Marketing Writing, gives us the step-by-step on how to get the most out of the web analytics tool (and tells how to get started if you are confused!). The very first thing you need to do: Create a Pinterest business page if you don’t already have one. Here’s Mitt’s how-to from an article that ran in January:

The terms of service for profiles state that you can use Pinterest for non-commercial purposes. The new terms of service for Pinterest business pages allow you to use Pinterest commercially. Therefore, if you want to directly promote your products and/or services on Pinterest, it’s absolutely necessary to convert your profile into a business page. This can be done by visiting this page and clicking on the big red “Convert your existing account” button.

Ready to start promoting your business and tracking results on Pinterest? Log on to your Pinterest business account, switch to the new look and start taking advantage of their free web analytics tools ASAP. And don’t forget to share this article with others who will find it helpful!

Image credit: cobalt / 123RF Stock Photo

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