Boost your email marketing with Facebook promotions.

By Alison Fairbanks

Dog with first-prize ribbonDoes your small business rely on an email list to get information to your top customers or prospects? If so, running a promotion on Facebook can be a great way to build that list.

As Mike Gingerich writes for Social Media Examiner, sweepstakes, trivia games and other contests engage fans while making it easy to include an opt-in for your list.

Sweepstakes Promotion

A sweepstakes is a chance-based promotion that can be hosted on a Facebook Page tab and typically has users complete a simple form to enter. After a set date, winners are then drawn randomly from all entries.

With the form for entering the sweepstakes, those setting up the promotion can outline in the terms that submitting their email address also is their agreement to opt-in to the associated email list. Users must click the box to accept the terms to enter.

Trivia Promotion

Another chance-based Facebook promotion that can be used to engage Facebook fans and their friends as part of an email list-building strategy is a trivia promotion. With a trivia tab, users typically must complete basic entry information, including their email address, and submit their answers to the trivia questions.

Users are intrigued by the trivia itself or the prize offered and are willing to complete to enter.

The opt-in would either need to be outlined with a checkbox to agree in the terms or upon submission an opt-in email could be sent for the user to agree to. Best practice is always to make this clear up front to ensure the greatest opt-in percentage.

Facebook Contests

Contests come in all variations from photo, caption, essay or video submission contests. Each offers a great opportunity to draw entrants and voters to a Facebook Page.

A contest can also be a great way to build your email list! The key is to make sure you know and focus on your primary goal. Since the primary goal of a Facebook contest typically will be engagement and expanding Page reach, the email opt-in should simply be a natural part of the entry process and not something that draws undue attention to itself.

A helpful way to incorporate email opt-in as part of a Facebook contest is to include information about the email list in the terms of the contest. Facebook fans then enter the contest and receive a follow-up opt-in email from your business inviting them to confirm being added to the email list.

The rules of the game.

Of course to make a contest or sweepstakes work, you’ll have to offer something of value. In the case of a Trivia promotion, answering the question correctly may be enough in and of itself, but offering a tangible prize is likely to garner better engagement. And as Gingerich notes, be transparent about the fact that users are opting into your list as well as entering the contest.

Another “good-to-know:” In order to comply with Facebook’s promotions policy, you’ll need to create your sweepstakes or contest using a 3rd-party app that is displayed on your Facebook Page.

And finally, while using Facebook promotions is a great way to enhance your email marketing efforts, it’s also useful for generating crowd sourced content and beefing up conversations, which Facebook and Google both like to see.

Share your Facebook Promotions.

If you’re considering a promotion on Facebook, let us know so we can share your awesome ideas with other Notable readers!

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